Harry Potter Train

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Harry Potter is a two word that defines if your all your fifth senses are working fine. Because you might be a fan of this novel or not, doesn’t matter. If you didn’t grow up in an isolated land nor an illiterate, you must be familiar with these two words in your lifetime.

There are fans who can start a war and write another story on how passionate they are about this, but if you are not and have never considered it a worth reading novel then you must rethink right now, especially in this isolated period.

The novel series is a fantasy in the genre and before going to convince you why it is best of its kind, let me explain why you should select fantasy genre now more than ever when you are isolated.

Fantasy is a new world full of unexpected and surprising which the writer builds it’s living and non-living. Any ordinary or expected doesn’t belong there, it has a full past, present and future dimension of its own.

The present condition of isolation makes us physically tired and mentally exhausted and anxious with the repetitive, deteriorating with the unending uncertainty and risk. The whole world feels like stopped moving forward and the negativity seems to cloud our thoughts. In this mist of uncertainty, you need a break from all these concerns and worry. There nothing beats an absorbing fantasy series.

Now, come to why Harry Potter is undoubtedly the best option to dive:

1. Timeless

Although the characters of Harry Potter grew up with the millennial and that’s how millennial feel the best association with the whole story plotting, the novel is timeless. No matter what age you are if you have a certain notion of reading and appreciating the magic of words, this novel will surely keep your expectation.

Each and every character of the story serves the novel beyond imagination and the morals and life values they carry are appropriate for your lifetime.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

2. Friendship

The novel surrounds around friendship, a trait which we learn from the very early age and still sometimes feel hopeless about it. But if you read Harry Potter, starting from making a new friend, misunderstanding, supporting each and so many obvious facts will come to you in a not so typical way. In every step you will feel the warmth of this relationship, the depth it can go and let you realize the beauty of its kind in a magical way.

You might not take your friendship for granted, you might misunderstand your friend and rather you will experience both sides of the coin how the bond forms and expands.

3. Love

The love this novel portrays is about pure nature and essence of it and it has kept this as the highest form of emotion in terms of protection and dedication. My words might sound confusing to some who associate love only with the temporary relationships and let it define the term. If that is the definition of love to you, start the novel right away.

This will take you to the journey of a boy, Harry who felt unloved, neglected as an orphan. But in reality, how he has been loved and cherished beyond his wildest dreams will change your perspective for gratitude.

4. Grief

As the great story will teach you some of the core pillars of life like- love and friendship, it will not let the other inevitable part untouched, which is sadness or grief.

The novel is a perfect blend of fantasy but the analogies cover the very most harsh realities of life like losing the light and sight of our life, in terms of our loved ones. But how the courage and life let you accept it and move forward with it, you will learn and absorb that every moment.

5. Greatness doesn’t require validation

Well, I am trying to convince you why you should start reading the novel right? So I can’t give you any spoilers and point you out that, look this is it! One fact is, throughout our life, we feel discouraged, demotivated and mostly the desire to be validated by someone else. No matter how great and meaningful we are doing to bring a positive change if we are not applauded, we lose the very reason to do it.

But if you keep reading the series, you will discover a part, a moment of truth where you will realize any greatness doesn’t require anyone’s validation. You might already know what I am trying to indicate. If you have watched the movies or knows the characters.

But, even if you know the story, the magical ride of J.K Rowling’s words is another fantasy which will make you realize you didn’t know anything till you finished the series. I can guarantee you the joy and promise you that there’s no better escape than this!

If you are not into reading, start with audiobooks. Audible is the best option out there when you don’t feel motivated enough to start reading, yet you want a beautiful escape for your restless mind.

Don’t be a muggle, here’s I am attaching some of the audible links for first couple of books-