Beautifully wrapped gift

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Gifts connect hearts which words fail to meet, sometimes. Because they can carry more emotions and even sometimes those emotions too for which words don’t exist. They are the most beautiful way to express gratitude. I feel it’s one of the difficult emotions to give recognition with words. However, as I said gifts connect more, doesn’t mean anything will do such magic for you. You have to be thoughtful about this.

There are lots of unthoughtful gifts which could never meet their purpose or become part of the receiver’s life. Why do you think it could never meet? Either you don’t know the person or your gift was not thoughtful enough. These days we can easily judge a giver’s choice, taste, personality by seeing their gift. More than that it shows how better we know the receiver and their touchpoints. So, it’s simply a representation of the whole.

But no need to pull your hair out because you are going to get your go-to gift list now. These options will work for festive, professional or for making any sweet pleasant love and gratitude. You can shuffle and with some basic changes, can keep playing with the category. The best thing is they won’t cost you a fortune.

So The List:

1. Bookmark/Page Anchor

This is an absolute classic yet minimal gift for always. Any bookworm or occasional reader will take this gift as pure inspiration and good accessory to use daily or during travel. As there are various kinds of bookmarks with paper, metal or wood, you can go an extra mile to give something with personal statement. On the other side, if you want to play safe I will absolutely recommend you to go for statement pieces like Mikimoto International Bookmark with so lovely minimalistic pearl.

Page-anchor for bookmarking
Photo courtesy: Page-anchor

Besides, bookmark there is another classic option which I totally adore and that is Page-anchor. By gifting this you will not only be gifting a hands-free reading experience to the reader but also ultimate sophistication. It has 5 signature colors, so you can always find the right match for different personalities.

2. Audible/Kindle Unlimited Subscription

I would suggest Audible subscription for those who are busy and you want to add an uncompromising place in their schedule. Please go for it, they will thank you later how you lifted their book reading experience.

Kindle subscription can be for those, who you know likes reading, simply put avid readers. You will see always spot them reading whenever they are alone. If you got late for a meet-up and you found a person reading while you came, then duly note that in your mind. You found a way to say sorry, haha.

Talking about subscription I could add any like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. But, I am dedicating it to knowledge and classic pleasure as I am giving thoughtful gift suggestions here. Of course, there are lots of good shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo or others, but who knows you might become the reason for their another binge-watching.

3. Original Novel Series

open novel with a yellow flower

Already two gifts relating to bookworms and you might be thinking why another. Well if you think you know the bookworms well enough then, you don’t. Because this option is truly for original bookworms. So, basically there are dedicated readers who find pure joy only in hardcopy books. You will never see them with kindle or audible. They live in the pages and count themselves as originals. Some avid book readers despise kindle or audible too. They are kind of like Slytherin and consider others mud-blood. So if you gift them any new copy of that famous classic novel, you are in their good book. Checked.

4. Water Bottles

Black color water bottle

It comes to health and maintenance. By gifting a unique looking and good water bottle like stainless steel you will be motivating the person to carry more and drink more. It has been always my personal hack that if you want to build a habit, invest in them. But be sure to gift a monochrome color, because it always gives a timeless feel. Black is a safe bet. You can go for customized options too where you can add a quote or a life sign, this way you can make the bottle totally special for the person.

5. Scented Candles

Scented candles for relaxation

Scented candles are best for festive seasons like Christmas. By gifting this you will not only be gifting the candle but also mood lifter, energy, relaxation and peaceful moments. There are different varieties of candles out there where you can shop by choosing a scent category. You can check out brooklyncandlestudio. They have an amazing collection with all dreamy scents and the best part is they are environment-friendly.

Happy Gifting!