playing piano as a hobby

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Whatever we like to do on our leisure time, we simply call it our hobby. They recharge our life and we treasure the moments we spend doing those. We don’t want to see such activities like a task rather they are a means of pleasure to us. But, have you ever wondered how your brain reacts when you have interest for certain kind of activity? or how you start spending time with it in comparison with the activity when you are pro at it?

Maybe yes, but you didn’t get anything bothering. Well, you should. In the following I will give you reasons why you should think about it and try new hobbies:

1. Our mind becomes used to a constant thing:

When you start learning or trying a new activity your brain wanders to find ways that will work for you. But, once you get comfortable with unknown and discovered those unsure tricks, your mind doesn’t need to race for you. It becomes relaxed and let your subconscious take the lead. You can do all right without any need to think about. The gray area of our mind doesn’t grow anymore.

2. We don’t evolve:

We are what we read, what we do, what we see, everything. Our personality and character is not any solid trait rather it is made up of those small things that move us. When you are fixed with a certain hobby or activity, you don’t get to reflect or nurture your traits. So rather you become rigid and so is your brain.

But if you opt yourself to try new things every time you are coming out of your comfort zone and paving new ways and letting new light into yourself. Your creativity unwires itself and you simply evolve into a better being.

3. You become boring:

A person without any hobby is called boring but I would say a person with a fixed hobby is nothing less. Hobby is something which should enlighten you and when you are stuck with one your whole life you don’t get to explore how it is to tame a horse or how liberating it is to talk in a foreign country with their local language. Such chapters never exists in your book and you are nothing but boring.

4. You are paralyzing your possibility:

Often we think that whatever we feel like doing our passion lies there and we need to dig it hard to get the gem. But, the real fact is liking a certain activity doesn’t ensure your passion for it, you can like more if you try other things too. How can you know if you like that or not without trying and how can you know you might not end up liking something more than your so called hobby. Don’t paralyze your possibilities, explore more, try new things and see what works for you and what not.

5. You become judgmental:

Now this is the most horrible result of having a fixed hobby. When we become fixed to certain things, our brain also becomes rigid. Thus, we find it hard to relate ourselves with others who fall out of our comfort zone and who possess different hobbies. We start to see them through our fixed frame and we fail to synthesize them. So, we judge their actions and label anything that doesn’t fit into our frame as not normal or good.

These are the most impactful reasons of having a fixed hobby, you can have more or less issues regarding how much you are aware of yourself and your surroundings. But in order too grow yourself as a beautiful soul you need to broaden your horizon and it is only possible by exploring. Life is short, explore more and let yourself live it fully.