Travelling essentials like passport, camera

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As the proverb goes, when you are in Rome act like a Romanian.

You should make your default thought whenever you plan for your trip. Whenever we plan to travel, we become obsessed with what we would do like the places to go and what to wear. Of course, they are important. It also sometimes happens that with our work-life pressure, we fail to plan properly. Most of the times we end up having places to go list and rest we will figure it out in our planning.

But if you plan ahead and right, then without the blank head you can board your next flight. Follow these steps for planning.

1. Flight checking apps:

Well if you are sure about your upcoming holiday when you want to get a refreshing break from your life, then as soon as possible check the flight fare rates on those dates. There are so many apps like, with full of cheap flight offers. Sometimes, Train or Buses can scale down your budget also. Don’t book the flight right away. Set your preferred dates and turn on the email notification. Whenever the prices go down you will be ready to grab the chance.

2. Where to stay:

It used to be a big concern but now not any more. Thanks to Airbnb and sites like But what we forget is having the right resource and knowing to utilize the resource is different. The must check when you fix your place is how far it is from the city centre or your desired locations. By getting to see a lower rent place on the search feed, our heartbeat gets faster and think how lucky we are. Within a short time, we end up booking the place, before that lucky shot fleets away into someone else’s bucket. But, there might be a loophole. You might discover the reasons why the rent was lower when you visit the place. It is a way too far from the centre and the transportation costs take most of your money.

So, check the price and the distance ratio, if you are really winning with the offer. You might end up fasting your entire trip otherwise.

3. Weather checking:

A lot of us simply ignore this fact. Well if you are an Asian and travelling to your most lofty dream destination in Europe check weather forecasts. If it’s winter and you are packing only 1/2 pullover and lots of beautiful dresses then be prepared to look monochrome. So, be smart and let the weather decide what will go inside your suitcase, not your random wish.

4. Get guidebooks or downloaded guide apps:

Guidebooks help you lot to get used to the country’s systems like transportation, local shops etc. Because, you can not expect to get wifi everywhere and sim card instantly. You need to be prepared for your offline time. Guidebooks also help you to pass some quality time on your plane to feed yourself with important info. For example- if you are going to Germany, you can’t expect to get any supermarket open on Sundays. Knowing beforehand will save you from shock and unwanted hassle.

Now, there are also good alternative apps like Google trip or others which will give you suggestions and you don’t need to waste your time looking for possibilities. But keep the offline option in mind.

5. Card and Cash combo:

While travelling abroad an acceptable credit card is always a safe bet. But before that make sure if your card is accepted in that country. Visa and Mastercards are most preferable. Carry some cash besides your main credit card. If possible try to carry one extra card as a backup too. After all, safety should be your topmost priority while travelling.

Now you can consider some card tips for which you will thank me later:

  • Bring a card without any foreign transaction fees. Normally cards charge 1%-3% as a foreign transaction fee. But if you have a charge-free card you can really make quite a good savings from all your transactions. Here I will recommend N26.
  • Save your card info and bank contact numbers on i-cloud/drive/dropbox. This way you are again staying safe if your card gets lost. But, if you take N26 here again your card will be controlled by your app.

So, these are the basic facts yet most overlooked small details can ruin your total trip. Keep your travelling in control and your moments R E O W N E D. Happy travelling!