wall paint and flower vase placed on wardrobe

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We all like to design our room whether it’s at our own home or in a shared place. Especially when we live away from that place which is really close to our heart either because of job, study, project or moving into a new address or country. For the people who move into their new space, it’s quite different as they usually have a vision about their space. But for the rest of all reasons, this post is going to help your not so permanent space turn into a space where your mornings will be refreshing, late nights will be calmer and your soul will be more centred and at peace.

Usually, whenever we decorate a space with the things we like, we automatically start to feel connected because of those things that bring us liking in our mood. But when you are on a budget or you don’t want to bring the big changes into that semi-permanent space then you must add the following things into your room, which will not give you a guilt trip now and then because of making a hole in your wallet or won’t let your most desired trip to be on hold.

1. Plants, for your mini-environment:

succulents for bedroom decoration

Well if you are a plant lover, then you know why I have put it in first of the list. If not so, keep reading. Keeping indoor-plants not only makes your room prettier, but it also makes you totally in awe of it. According to the research of NASA, indoor plants can remove 87% of toxin air in a day. Moreover, it will calm your stress level and some dedicated plants like Peace Lily they are absolutely low maintenance in nature so you don’t need to turn yourself into a pro to keep them alive.

Succulents and cactus are a great option for if you feel like you don’t have any time at all. Because trust me they look after themselves and will greet you with only greenery, calmness and fresh air whenever you get back from your busy schedule..

2. Cushion for Comfy:

different coloured cushions to decorate room

There is nothing welcoming like comfy cushions on your bed. Buy two or more cushions according to your bed size with silky fabric covers and place it on your bed, you will see how it will elevate your rooms overlook look giving it a more sleek and sophisticated touch.

You can use cushion covers with positive affirmations or quote, they work wonder for your brain after all we are mostly what our subconscious believes.

3. Light for Life:

Beautiful scented small candles for room

Lights have the power to lift up your mood and calm you down as well. So, either it is for your workspace lamp or bedside lamp, choose creatively or if you want you can make a DIY lamp yourself buying the fairy lights which are really inexpensive but gives you most relaxing light.

Now come candles, no matter how beautiful your lamp is, the kind of ease a candle can infuse in the room, no other light or lamp can. I personally prefer scented small candles as they don’t last longer than 4hrs and every time I lit the candle it gives me a sense of newness which big candles don’t give me much. They are perfect for both mediation and Netflix, totally gives you the right light

4. Wall Poster:

poster with quote and harry potter music box on table

Wall posters are best to add spirit on your wall, whether it’s with positive affirmations, quotes, inspirational arts or symbol that drives you. They are also the most effective way to tame your subconscious mind as seeing your motivations around you helps your negative thoughts to be replaced and keeps you centred. You can also use the photos which are most closed to your heart. It spreads warmness like wifi, trust me.

Another addition can be a vision board, where you can keep every post that inspires you, every dream that you want to chase. They don’t let your motivation fleet away and adds a personal touch into your room, which talks to you whenever your eyes fall on them.

5.Tick tock, Clock:

clock for room decoration

Now that you might be wondering what’s so special in that, well it is indeed special. These days we are becoming this much addicted to our phone that subconsciously we check our phone for the time before our watch. So having a beautiful clock on your wall or small on your table will only serve you the healthy purpose of timing without dragging you to the infinite black hole of phone addiction. After all, clocks add a wonderful sense of present moment and we need a really good one that will move us every time.

So, these small additions in your room will not only change the look of the room but also make you feel connected and calm in your room. However, never forget to declutter your room, because every time you clean your room your head and your thought also cleans. Happy decorating!