Relaxing, calm moment

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The benefits of meditation are not unknown to anyone anymore, only most of us fall into the category of “I Know but I don’t do”. It’s mostly because they don’t have proper orientation on how to start it. Or sometimes we make a conclusion that our mind is too wild to tame.

But today, you will figure out it’s neither. If you keep reading you will break the stereotype, that is holding you from attaining one of the simplest addition into your life. Most of us think, to meditate we need to sit straight, have a calming place or best if it’s a whole spiritual set up with candles, aromas etc. But, let me assure you one thing, meditation is solely a means to give your mind peace. So all those arrangements will definitely enhance your experience but not mandatory.

You only need to know your purpose to give your mind some rest and treat yourself some moment of pure bliss. I am going to give you some do-able facts for your never-resting mind and no time to exaggerate schedule. You can meditate anytime, anywhere easily by following those. Moreover, you can count yourself in as a meditator too:

A lady is meditating

1.Right Time

Whenever you feel exhausted or relaxed that is the best time to execute meditation. Find a chair, sofa or couch anyplace you feel comfortable sitting, and if you are tired lay down on bed straight. Close your eyes and you are ready to meditate.


You can play any soothing melody or without it, however, you feel good to make sure you do that.

Let your body relax and feel that you are relaxed. Bring your thoughts to your eyebrows and your facial muscles. Now try to consciously let go any unintentional grip, holdings or facial stiffness.

3.Calming Process

As you are in a relaxed state now, focus on your inhale and exhale till ten times. In the meantime, if your thoughts divert to anywhere, no need to worry. Bring your wandering thought back to focus.

Now think of three things that happened today and felt grateful about. It can be anything. Your perfect morning coffee, sunny day or smell of your recently washed knitwear.

Then, take a deep breath and think five traits about yourself that you like most or that you are proud of.

Now, Think one to three traits you would like to have it and visualize why and how.

Last but not the least, think about the constants in your life- your family, their unconditional love, your health. Express your gratitude that how blessed you are for all those.

Now, let your mind go and notice where it goes. It won’t leave you alone now, it will let you soak into those moments of peace and you can open your eyes anytime you wish to stop your meditation. Congrats, you just gave yourself pure luxury.