Learn Mandarin Language

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Learning a new language is really so many back and forth process where sometimes two days of motivation falls short in the third day. And after a week whatever we went through a week before seems all like never seen, we lose another chunk of motivation. Our thoughts start to come up with a very scary question- can I really make it?

As of any new skills, learning a new language is always about practice and consistency. But as you can’t forget once you know how to ride a bike, a language can be the opposite. It will surely give you lots of deja vu if you ever encounter a known word, but you will never come out of that in the matter of mastering a new language. Only practising now and then will keep those deja vu visits at bay.

As there are no shortcuts of learning a new language, but if you keep reading you will find out the strategies that work and speed your process of learning. Most importantly you will not waste any time by trying out random techniques. Because that will only end up either cursing all the multilingual or burying your dream to become one.

As of language, I always believe it should always relate to our subconscious, something which comes without a conscious thought process and naturally. So, the most common trap we always fall by is trying to learn the language consciously. Which means, starting by learning to read and write. So, we have a common tendency of being labelled as a foreign speaker even after mastering all the ins and outs of grammar, just because not knowing its carrier which is culture.

Now let me tell some of your major setbacks that drown your ship of learning before it starts sailing:

  1. Starting with Apps like Duolingo, which uses the artificial bots sound. An accent is something super important. If you don’t set it right from the start you will always be in that foreign language zone. There will never someone going to talk to you at a slow pace like those programmed bots. So rather than confusing your head with multiple accents start with natural human tone.
  2. Learning Grammar, don’t fall into that trap. You never started your first language with grammar, did you?
  3. Boring classes, yes they suck out your money and hours only. Language is about the art of repetition, not about solving math.

Now that we know the traps, let’s come to the techniques which can actually help you proceed:

1. Movies/ Series

Watch your already watched movies or series in the language you are trying to learn. Sometimes with the subtitle of that language and sometimes without it. But try to watch without subtitle and use subtitles whenever you feel like you need it, to make sure you are listening right. No need to understand line by line, it’s fine even if you haven’t got any meaning out of it. But if you keep watching this way repeatedly, one day you will feel the change and a strong sense of feeling that you can understand better.

Then start watching movies the opposite way round. Pick the movies that are originally in your learning language and keep the option of English subtitle. This way, you are nurturing the language on its cultural context and start making sense of unknown story. This will build up your conversation skills.

2. Youtube Videos

Watch short videos on Youtube in that language. This will expand your relevancy of language quickly. Make sure you watch every short video at least twice to thrice which way the words or phrases that you missed will become clear later.

The things you can watch are- cooking, travelling, global news which you know the content, reviews or even you can find YouTubers who creates content in that particular language and subscribe them.

3. FlashCards

Buy a Flashcard box, don’t fall into any trap of App again as the words come randomly and you have no control. Go old school way. Find 100most used words, you can search it by the level at the beginning like for A1 or B1. Then start writing the words in the flashcards and every day go through to the words twice, morning and evening.

Because when you write the words with your own hands, it registers in your memory better than following any App. Moreover, your app doesn’t have personalization which you can do it with your cards manually. Using physical cards help like no other. No need to pressurize, just go through the process and the repetitive pattern will help your brain to memorize subconsciously.

Photo by Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

4. Podcasts

This is one of the best ways to learn a language effortlessly. While cooking, jogging, taking shower or even on the time of long hour makeup or self-care, you know the tasks better than me which requires fewer brain activities. Listen to Podcasts in that language. This will associate your brain with a new language like no other. You can even listen to bedtime short stories before sleeping.

Make learning fun, build interest in culture and you will see you are naturally becoming better day by day.