Overthinking Mind

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There are people who get confused so much that it takes over their every decision. Well, I fall into that category. I tend to think about every possible option and analyze all the probable consequence. This problem doesn’t stop there only. I bring every closed person of mine on board and keep them irritating asking for their opinion and choice. It was bothering them but it was exhausting to me as well. Because the problem is actually not indecisiveness. It’s about the post-decision consequences because my mind will take me to every comparison ride and my decision needs to make a stand on it.

So to get out of this never-ending confusion loop, I found the following tricks that work like a miracle:

1. Stop Comparing

When you have made a choice, consider it done and do not let your brain take you to any comparison trip. The more you allow it, the more you will build-up doubt issues and you won’t be able to make any decent decision without taking all your energy out. So, after taking a decision guard your thoughts and keep in mind a very clear idea about why you took the decision in the first place and stay with it.

2. Have a Time-frame

Don’t give your mind the liberty to take time as long as it wants. I tell you, it will take you to a never-ending ride. So be smart and control it. Give a timeline like you have to take the decision by a specific time and work on it. Within that time-frame whatever solution you get, take it and never look back.

3. Limit the Options and Opinions

We tend to take opinions of others but, what we don’t consider is before we get their opinions we already have a preconceived opinion in our head. So when they give you their preferences and if it goes out of that opinion you become more confused. So, I would say limit your preferences at first and give those to your closed persons to ask for opinions. This way you are in control of your parameters and you get filtered opinions accordingly. Saves time and confusion too!

4. Be Confident

A lot of our confusions arise from our insecurity. We seek validation from others and consider something good only if someone else praises us or gives compliments about it. When we are continuously looking for others approval and aren’t confident about ourselves we can’t take any healthy decision. Learn to be confident and value your own thoughts. You will see confidence and confusion can’t reside together in your head.

5. Accept the Flaws

So, the process of making a decision and getting rid of confusion doesn’t come with a tagline that you will be making no mistakes. Knowing that you will be making mistakes and learning then again accepting the flaws is the only way that will make you comfortable with what you did and let you make a peace treaty with your head.

6. Know Yourself

This is the most important one I believe that’s why I have put that in the last to get a clearer space in your head. So, if you know what you like, what are your values, what kind of vision you have for yourself there is no way, you would fall into any confusion trap. You won’t need any opinion of others too. For example, if you know what colors you like, what colors suit you, what kind of look you want, what inspires you, what kind of events you need to attend, the list is going to be endless if I keep pointing it out. But my point here is if you know what drives you, there’s no space for confusion.

So, I hope you can end your super exhausting confusion-cycle with these steps and get enough space in your mind to think about great ideas and live a confident life who knows what he needs. After all, your mind space is the most expensive space, use it wisely!