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Finding a Job in Germany without knowing German is difficult and when I say difficult I really mean to put emphasis on every single letter of this word. But finding it in Munich doesn’t necessarily wipe away the hardship. But  it definitely lightens up the complexity to some extent.

Munich is considered the land of dreams to most of the expats, as there is most of the headquarters situated and with its pool of opportunity. Planning it ahead with right steps and time management will definitely help you to land on a decent office job than those physical odd jobs.

So following are the steps you need to consider and prepare ahead to land yourself on a qualified job with dignity:

1. Right CV/Resume:

Yes, we all know it is the first thing that lands to your employers laptop before you. So it’s definitely the decider of where your fate will take to you. Slytherin or Gryffindor, seriously! So, please please and read it some more times, fix your CV with a tabular format style. If you are good with illustrator you can make your own, but don’t over design it. Keep it simple and professional but of course in Tabular format. Some essentials to pass this step-

  • If you don’t want to add your photo it’s ok, but I am a supporter of adding photo. So, if you are like me, add a professional looking photo. Remember, no passport photo where you are not looking like yourself or no selfie even your hand is not visible.
  • Keep it in two pages
  • Don’t add everything of your experience, pick the ones that sync as a flow
  • You can check out the format of europass cv for reference, I followed their structure

2. Cover letter:

  1. Don’t ever send a CV without cover letter, it is considered as a package and your level of effort towards the application. CV gives a frame to your character and cover letter adds life in it. So don’t underestimate it or try to skip it. Now come to the steps:
  • Do not use plain MS doc instead you can use and take a simple and classic look for your cover letter
  • Write a convincing cover letter mentioning what your current study is about; you’re past experiences and the qualities you will bring to the job.
  • Now that you have a standard cover letter, every time before applying simply customize it little by adding the position and company name along with some updates like date and address.

Even though you have not written the cover letter from scratch, the presentation and little customization will leave the employer thinking nothing but less.

3. Job sites:

Find out the most popular job sites in that country. Usually Linkedin, Glassdoor and Stepstone are common in almost all countries and if you follow these three you can cover almost all big companies.

Now you can find some more niche sites too which are specially curated for students. The job genres are of those sites are normally mixed like sales assistant in a store or promoter of an event.

Now comes the action:

  • Download the mobile Apps of the major job sites and open an account with your email id
  • Filter your preferences, like English speaking, city and student job and save it.
  • Every time there’s a new job the app will start to notify you

4. Apply:

Now this may seem an easy job for you, as all the preparation is done and you might think its time to get the job. Well, it is right partially but again not fully. It’s the most difficult task. We all have a tendency to look for best companies like Google, Allianz but remember if the company is big, the competition is bigger.

Being choosy will not take you anywhere, instead take it as a challenge to apply as much as you can. I have seen my friends saying they have tried whole summer vacation. But every time they are out of the pool because of not knowing German. Well, it might be the reason for most of the companies but not ALL.

  • Scroll job sites and start saving whichever you feel like fits for you, Instead of scrolling Instagram or Facebook,
  • Now everyday, take out 30mins to apply to those saved jobs. On weekends, take 1hour from your chores and apply
  • In the meanwhile you will start getting rejection letters. Take it as a good sign because you are being reviewed
  • Patience is really important. You might lose hope after 1month of applying. Twist is in most big companies the screening takes more time and most likely they will update your progress after 1month. I call this time buffering. So apply ahead and apply more instead of worrying.

Play with your luck sometimes, if you fit they can’t ignore you. I have applied to some jobs where it was clearly mentioned that knowledge of German is required. But seeing the other requirements I found myself fitting for the position and applied for the posts. Surprisingly, I end up getting interview offers from those too.

5. Interview:

We all know this stage well. How to be well groomed and show up in formal and presentable attire. Here, my thought is don’t overdress yourself by being completely formal. What I prefer is casual, yet not casual. So going minimal and clean can’t get ever wrong.

P. S- Most companies tend to call you for the interview, instead of sending an email. In fact they prefer to give you interview offers over phone. Later send the details via email. So don’t ignore unknown numbers and call back immediately if you get any missed call.

Now, it’s unusual but some calls are given to take a short phone interview. Once I happened to get one from Intel and I was not prepared. Usually we prepare ourselves before the interview and calm our nerves. But some companies do it spontaneously to get a raw impression about you. So, even you are not prepared, it’s ok. They won’t ask you anything out of the blue. So take time and answer.

So by following above-mentioned steps, it is never too hard or impossible to get a job in Germany. Have some patience and apply. You will definitely land on a great job. Good Luck!