sparkler candle on birthday cake

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1. Buy/Bake a cake:

We have a tendency to pour our heart for others and when it comes to ourselves, we neglect most. But, remember that you can’t give others if your own cup is empty. So, think would you let the birthday of your special person fleet away without a cake? Definitely No.

buy or bake own birthday cake

So it’s your birthday and no one deserves that special cake than you. When we need to do anything do we hold the mentality that someone else will do it for us? Birthday is nothing less; don’t wait for someone else to drop some love drop. Buy your favorite ingredients and start baking the special cake. If you are not into cake or in frugal mood, buy a small piece at least. I promise, nothing gives you the right vibe as a bite of cake.

2.Write Journal:

personal journal

Lots of us make tons of resolution on a new year but I tell you, nothing is as grand as the day you were born. I think its best day to make promises to self & keep it. Reflect how far you have outgrown from your older self after six/ten/twelve months.

Take out the last 15minutes before the clock meets 12 and write the journal. Write about what are things that made you proud of yourself, what are you are looking for the year ahead, on what character traits of yourself you want to work on and maintain a peace with your present.

3.Wake up early:

This is most important because, when we live alone, our brain tricks us and gives us a lone trip to our memory lane and makes us feel nothing to look for on this special day. We end up staying awake, scrolling social media and sometimes we think it’s the way of pampering ourselves to stay up late and get up late. But don’t do that for your sake. There’s nothing worse feeling than a dreadful and dizzy morning on your birthday, moreover why waste so many hours sleeping your best day. Sleep early, I mean 12AM. You can’t be falling asleep 10PM on this night.

Bed side hot coffee for early birds

Get up early, have a king breakfast and start your day with the cup of coffee. This refreshment and ease will make you win half of day.

4.Experience new:

Now this is to garnish your day. When you do something new or experience something new, your brain will bookmark the day separately and this will help you feel that the day was no ordinary like others. So to check this point, you don’t necessarily need to do something extraordinary, if you have long cherished wishes its perfect, make it done on this day.

But if you don’t, chill. You can watch a new movie, try a new cuisine or check out a new place. Just make sure it’s new for you and simply consider it done.

5.Race your heartbeat:

bike riding to race heartbeat

Yes, do something that let your heart pound like hiking, riding bike, swimming or can do a morning or evening run. This is a simple way to make you feel alive, energetic and freshly connected with yourself. Thus, you can follow an evening gratitude meditation or journal minutes and you will feel how blessed you are without any expectation and any other dependency. You will feel content surely.

We feel celebrating our birthdays with people is best, but there are lot people who celebrate but at the end of the day their cup is still empty. So, be blessed that you are alone and mark your best day refilling your cup for the fresh New Year. Love yourself; celebrate yourself after all you need yourself most than any other.