Doing Yoga

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Surya Namaskar Yoga
Surya Namaskar

I was not a Yoga-person, though I wanted to be one. So “I don’t have time” line was still taking over my schedule.

But I knew my body needs some movement to keep everything balanced. I had my classes, job, language learning (in a process to learn German), blogging and in between all these trying to make time for the gym seemed impossible.

Occasional weekend hiking didn’t suffice either because I am the kind of person who needs a pause to reflect too. Sometimes I like to transform into a cat and pass my weekend just relaxing.

So, in this concrete schedule of mine, Surya namaskar fitted effortlessly. And keep reading to find out how this simple practice changed my days like wonder:

1. Morning Boost

After waking up in the morning my mind and body feel like not in sync, although miracle worker coffee helps to wake up my mind. My body remains tight and sometimes I feel pain for sitting long hours before the laptop.

So, when I started to do Surya Namaskar first day, it didn’t need weeks to feel the change, rather I felt instant energy, positivity and boost in my work intention from the day one.

2. My Body Posture

The asanas help my body to be flexible, stretches my muscles and help me not to feel lousy. I could feel the changes and see them as well as how I walk taller and sit by keeping my backbone straight, muscles became toned and the backpains which were caused by sitting long hours staring at screen started leaving me day by day.

Without any need to run to the gym and forcing my body to go through the hardcore workout, my body thanks me every morning where I don’t need to compromise my sleeping hours, rather at home in my own space and pace I could align my mind, body and soul in a self-soothing way.

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Some of the links in this article are “affiliate links”

3. Anxiety Control

I don’t need to stress out the fact that how working out helps in keeping the mind sane and productive. Aside from keeping the mind sound, Surya Namaskar helps to release tension from muscles thus it made me feel relaxed and improved my concentration.

The 12 asanas (steps) of the Sun Salutation are practised in a reflective and relaxing way that it helps to keep the mind fresh and positive by releasing all the negative energy out of the body in the very early morning.

According to ancient Indian belief, solar plexus is the core of our body locating behind the navel and connects with the Sun. So regular practice of this particular Yoga method is meant to boost the solar plexus and elevate our overall presence.

By all means, I am left without any counter doubt about all these ancient believes, when I feel the very effects in my life every day now.

4. Flow of Energy

The beautiful flow of breadth and poses of Surya Namaskar helps to unlock the blocking of the body’s energy centres (chakras) and elevates the overall fitness. The techniques are perfect that keep my body present and energetic by boosting metabolism and immunity. It also helps me to get rid of insomnia and balance my eating order by improving my digestion.

I would just recommend Surya Namaskar again and again with full confidence and trust that it would be a beautiful addition to your life. To be honest, it will improve the quality of life every imaginable way. Don’t hesitate and let any doubt slow you down from trying these steps. Feel the wonders by yourself.

So, start from tomorrow, and bring the best out of you!