woman washing face with washgel

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You need a village to look beautiful, yes it’s a myth. Truly you only need to follow some basic steps like religion and that’s it. There’s no need to make a hole in your budget with expensive products which we think will work like wonders if we use.

The fact is if you use makeup daily and excessively, then sooner or later your skin will cause most of your tension. Most of the products that are tagged as in anti-ageing and containing collagen aim to maintain the natural beauty of our skin. Which can be maintained if you keep your skin as fresh as possible.

Cleansing- Toning- Moisturising are the basic three steps that you need to swear by if you call yourself a pro at skincare or not. They are the essential steps that no one should overlook, and adopt to keep the skin healthy and natural.

The kind of ritual I am going to explain is for your low-key everyday minimal look. Whether it’s homebound days or natural look flaunting days, you should keep the routine in check. I am not a supporter of the foundation for every look. I embrace natural beauty and effortless maintenance of it.

1. Cleansing

No matter you have been on the roads or whole day inside your house being a couch potato, you skin should be cleansed twice a day at-least. You can keep it as your morning and evening ritual.

Now, the type of cleanser should depend on your skin type. If you have got sensitive and acne-prone skin, you can use products with tea tree oil or aloe-vera to keep your skin impurities on the check. Normally, even if your face is sensitive or not, I feel it’s the safest bet to use products for sensitive skin. Because these products maintain a very good balance of ingredients.

I would recommend a wash-gel from Alkmeine- Tea-tree oil. It will keep your skin inflammation and deep clean your face which is essential for healthy skin.

2. Toning

This is the most overlooked step of all. After cleansing our face we tend to use moisturiser and we feel like toning is a not so important step.

However, toner is the elixir for your skin. Your pores will shrink and if you have a problem with whiteheads, add this to your routine immediately. Online order right now!

After cleansing, take some toner on a cotton pad and clean your face and neck. For the best result use alcohol free toner, your skin will have no irritation and you will get a refreshed look every-time you use.

3. Moisturising

Now that your skin is clean and fresh after following cleansing and toning steps, it’s time to give the lost hydration with moisturiser. It will ensure the skin gets its lost oil due to cleaning or taking a shower and will help to maintain a younger complexion.

Besides these, it’s important to moisturise after exfoliating or shaving. It will help the skin from irritation and protect from patches. You can use SPF included moisturizer to protect from the UV rays. It helps especially to those days when you don’t count yourself exposed to the sun really but you are being exposed even if it’s morning sun soak or any other.

I would suggest you to keep a separate night moisturiser, since they are rich and heavy with regenerative ingredients more than day version. It helps to heal to your skin, while day version aims to be more protective.

Sunblock & Water

Well, these two doesn’t fall into any of the step, rather they are compulsory of their kind.

One of our main reason for ageing is UV rays and our reluctance towards it. Well, one of the reasons we admire Korean beauty is that they have got flawless skin and which comes from the ritual of having SPF in every beauty product. You really can’t ignore sunblock or SPF containing beauty products.

Now comes to water, we all know it still any skin care ritual will ever be complete without mentioning the importance of water. Drink 8glasses of water daily, your skin will dare to cheat ever, I promise!